Trump Supporters Threaten to Kill RNC Delegate Over #NeverTrump Stance

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According to NBC, a delegate to the RNC from Utah was threatened to be killed in the restroom by Trump henchmen following the attempt to force a Roll Call vote over the rules approval.

CLEVELAND – A Utah delegate was reportedly threatened inside a bathroom at Quicken Loans Arena during the Republican National Convention Monday.

According to NBC, Utah delegate Kera Birkeland was on the floor during the Rules vote as one of the delegates calling for a roll call vote.

Birkeland reportedly went to the women’s restroom and when she emerged from a stall, a group of Trump supporters surrounded her and threatened to kill her, urging her to leave the party and the state.


As we stated earlier today, the Republican Party is on the verge of collapse and now the authoritarian fascist element of the GOP is on full blast threatening to kill the opposition.

For all that are being threatened by the modern day Hitler, the Libertarian Party welcomes you in refuge.

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