GOP on Verge of Splitting; Good News for the Libertarian Party

The chaos of the Republican National Convention today, and this week, is highlighting a key observable fact, the Republican Party is on the verge of a major split.  The forces within the Grand Old Party that have pushed for Donald Trump to be their nominee are currently experiencing a major rift and possibly a major exodus by loyal party members.

The display on the floor of the convention today shows that there are major problems within the Republican Party.  These are the same problems that go back to 2012 when certain forces tried to shut out Ron Paul during the convention and forced the delegates to participate in the official coronation of Mitt Romney.
The Republican Party has abandoned Liberty and they are now paying the price with the authoritarian fascist Donald Trump.  Many have already left like myself, and the exodus is not over.  I predicted months ago that Trump would drive a tense wedge right through the party and my theory was proven today.

The good news out of all of this chaos is the Libertarian Party is the beneficiary.

Before I move on I will quail the hardcores in the party that will suggest the LP will be infiltrated by Neo-cons and fascists.  That will not happen.  The LP platform is a solid display of principle and changing it takes a miracle.

The only ones to gain from the chaos in the GOP is the party of principle.  Hardcore politico’s look for principled candidates and ideas.  Whether they might not agree with them 100% of the time, they still seek it out.  The people in the GOP that are displeased with Trump are displeased on principle.  They can’t imagine someone like him taking over the party and are now shopping around for another candidate.  This is a prime opportunity to enlighten people that need enlightening. People that need to see the way of Freedom and true Liberty.  People that might have ignorant thoughts that need a dose of reality and Libertarian principle.

The Libertarian Party needs to welcome these lost souls and provide them education and a sense of direction that centers around Libertarianism.  They are crying out for help and we are their life savers.  Once they see the light of Liberty they will never turn around into the pits of darkness again.

The LP has so much to gain from this civil war taking place within the Republican Party and it is now our time to be the saviors.

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