Gary Johnson Beating Jill Stein Among Ex-Bernie Sanders Supporters


The move to capture the Bernie Sanders supporters following his exit from the Presidential race and endorsement of Hillary Clinton has been up in the air. Donald Trump had this crazy illusion that he would be able to get their support following his exit from the race, but any smart person would know that wasn’t really possible.

Many thought that Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, would be the natural heir to their support, but with the new CNN poll that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Yes it appears that Hillary Clinton is getting the most support from the ex Bernie Sanders supporters, but only coming in at 57%.  Just a little over half of the Bernie voters think that Hillary Clinton is worthy of their support.

The big news is that Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, has been able to capture 23% of the Bernie vote, in comparison to Jill Stein who only gets 12%.


There are many in the Libertarian movement that criticized Johnson for his attempt to reach the disaffected Bernie voters, but it seems to have paid off. Some say that Johnson is running a Liberal campaign, but understanding the Libertarian philosophy shows that we have “Liberal” ideas.  We are socially tolerant and believe that people should live their lives according to their own desires. But that is not the only reason that Bernie people are flocking to our cause.

We also believe that the system is rigged.  We believe that crony capitalism is wrong for America and that the Federal Reserve is a dangerous institution that should be ended.

There are many similarities between us and the Bernie supporters.  Johnson has done a great job capturing this moment and convincing the Sanders people that they have another choice this election and Gary Johnson is a great alternative to their once favorite child Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Libertarians are also like “if you don’t have corporate health insurance, no money to buy big pharma meds and get cancer you should get no help and die”.

    Thanks libertarians but NO thanks.


    • Libertarians want to end subsidies that drive costs up so that you can afford health care without it.

      Thanks Libertarians more please!


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