Gary Johnson at 13% in New CNN Poll; 2 Points Away From the Debate Stage


In a 4 way match up against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Jill Stein, Gary Johnson is polling at 13%.  This now puts the Governor only 2 points away from being eligible for the Presidential debates in the Fall.

From CNN:

But one candidate has made gains since last month: Libertarian Gary Johnson. In a four-way match up between Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Clinton carries 42%, Trump 37%, Johnson 13% and Stein 5%. That represents almost no change for either Clinton or Trump, but a 4-point bump for Johnson.

Ever since the 4 way match ups have started in the polls the Governor has made great strides.  From polling in low single digits along with Jill Stein, to now being the leading third party candidate in all the polls that have been coming out.

The Libertarian message is now resonating with voters all across this country.  As more people learn about Governor Johnson and his agenda for America the more these numbers have gone up.  People are starting to realize that they are Libertarian and they just didn’t know it until now.

There is still a problem with the polling being conducted by organizations. They are still asking about Johnson and Stein as after thoughts, as if they aren’t really going to be on the ballot in this country:


You are looking at roughly the 4th question in the poll.  The wording is biased as if there are only two parties.  This is not necessarily helping the numbers of Johnson or Stein, but even with that Johnson’s numbers continue to go up.

Here is a link to the full text of the poll


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    • I think these major polls typically don’t have “lists.” The people they poll are selected randomly. But perhaps there are certain databases of numbers that you can get your number in to at least have a very slim chance of being called. I’m not sure exactly what pollsters use.


      • When you register put you phone number in because many have cell numbers. Political pollers use voter registrations for stats to insure a good polling pool.


  1. Pretty cool! Of course, Johnson has to be included and at 15% in a few, independent, major polls to be in the debates. Hopefully, that will come with a little more time, if Johnson supporters continue to make noise about it to those who take the polls.


  2. I think having a third party present at the debate is pretty important in this election. Not everyone even knows there’s anyone else running besides the two candidates who get all the coverage. It would, I think, be both encouraging and eye-opening for perspective.


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