Republican Party Out of Touch With America as New Platform for 2016 is Released


The Republican Party is already a dying political party, and with Donald Trump leading the charge for them this year, they are on the verge of destruction.  What furthers this downfall is how far out of touch they are with America today and the shift that has already taken place in this country on a host of social issues.

First off, the Republican Platform that was released as a draft for the 2016 Republican convention is still holding on to this ancient social positions against the way that people live their lives, and it is proving that they are out of touch with the social change that has happened and clinging to some bigoted hope that they can “Make America Great Again.”

The crazy social conservatives still have a strong hold on the party and are pushing an anti-gay agenda, moral righteous agenda against the American people.

The platform demands that lawmakers use religion as a guide when legislating, stipulating “that man-made law must be consistent with God-given, natural rights.” They also suggested that lawmakers across this country push for the bible to be taught in public schools, which takes us back over 60 years in history when that was common practice.

According to the New York Times:

The pornography provision was not in an initial draft that the Republican National Committee drew up and released on Sunday. But delegates added it on Monday at the same time they were inserting many of the amendments opposing gay and transgender rights. It calls pornography “a public menace” that is especially harmful to children.

Much of the most combative debate centered on language in the platform that describes gay and transgender people, and efforts to strip those words out and replace them with language proposed by a minority contingent of socially moderate delegates.

But nearly every provision that expressed disapproval of homosexuality, same-sex marriage or transgender rights passed. The platform calls for overturning the Supreme Court marriage decision with a constitutional amendment and makes references to appointing judges “who respect traditional family values.”

The GOP is holding on to this hope that they can control the decisions that people make in their own lives.  They are holding onto this ancient notion that a gay person affects their own lives in some way and should basically be stoned by the federal government.  They don’t understand the concept of freedom and choice so therefore they throw the bible at people and say that you are a sinner and they then judge you like they are God.

The Republican Party is far out of touch and is losing ground everyday on these issues.  The American people have spoken and are far in favor of gay marriage and gender issues, and don’t think the bible should be taught in schools, but this dying party is holding on hope that they can act like God and judge the future generations of this country and control their lives.

One of the key aspects to the Libertarian philosophy rests on the idea that you have control over your life and actions and as long as those actions don’t affect or harm others than you are free to engage in them.  That is the thinking of the future, but the Republican Party is stuck in the stone age.

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