Breaking News: Gary Johnson Polling at 12% in New York Times/CBS News Poll!


After weeks of polling in the single digits, the former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, and Libertarian candidate for President is on the rebound and really showing that he is a force to contend with.

In a new CBS News/New York Times poll the Governor is polling at 12% nationally.

The race looks essentially the same in a three-way contest when Libertarian candidate Governor Gary Johnson is added to the mix. He gets 12 percent of the vote, but Clinton and Trump remain tied, with 36 percent each.

This is a big deal for many reasons. First, this is a big poll, one that will probably be used by the debate commission when deciding who will make the debate stage.  Second, the Governor is in striking distance on making the cut for the debate stage with this big showing.

The support across this country for the Libertarian ticket is something that has never been seen before.  There are a lot of people who can’t vote for either Trump or Hillary, and have learned that they have another choice, and see Gary Johnson as a credible choice and alternative to the tyrannical machine in Trump and Clinton.

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  1. I identify as a moderate fiscal conservative. I’m not sure if I left the GOP or if it left me, but Gary Johnson will have my vote and I’m spreading the word about him. Go Gov!


  2. Don’t know the guy, but he has my vote….I hope Johnson is the equal in the equation of the two evils……


    • I live in New Mexico and all I can say is he did a good job when he was here. He left with a $6,000,000 + budget surplus. It took only a few years for the Democrat that followed him to spend all that and leave with a $6,000,000 + budget deficit. He is tough on spending bills, vetoes anything that looks suspicious or corrupt. I’m not a proponent of legalizing marijuana but I can live with it if he can put a dent in the federal deficit.

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      • I’m from NM and lived there during his terms, I agree. He did a great job as Gov and was the first in the state’s history to be elected to two consecutive terms. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only choice!

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      • I’m not necessarily defending him, but Bill Richardson was governor during the Great Recession of 2008-2009, whereas Johnson was governor during the boom years of Clinton’s second presidency and was out before Bush 2 destroyed the US economy and mired this country in an unprovoked and unjustifiable war of aggression in Iraq. Numbers sometimes lie or at least don’t begin to tell the whole truth. Surely you don’t blame the Great Recession on Bill Richardson’s being governor of New Mexico.


  3. Gary was a great governor. He has more political experience than either of the big party names. He’s a moderates dream. Wasting your vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in.


  4. I will be voting for governor Johnson in November and after looking closely at the Libertarian principles, I officially changed my political affiliation. I’m one of the newest members of the Libertarian Party!

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  5. I will vote for him because I want to sleep with a clear conscience. And his policy ideas are solid – end war on drugs, against interventionist wars, strong defense, defender of privacy rights, not a bigot, not a liar, and has actually governed a state.

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  6. Gary Johnson got my vote in 2012 and he’ll get it again this November. The more I read about Libertarian Party principles, the more I realize I’ve always been a Libertarian (fiscally conservative, socially liberal), I just didn’t know it before. I’m currently unaffiliated with any party, but I’m strongly considering signing up to join the Libertarian Party.

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  7. Just a reminder to everybody that you do not need to change party affiliations to vote in the General. You can be any affiliation and vote for whoever you want. If anything, staying registered as a democrat or republican and voting for the Libertarian runner will help send a strong message to both parties.

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    • No. Gary is pulling roughly equally from each candidate. Here is what I just posted on Facebook that may help. Feel free to use if you think it will help.

      So according to an NPR article today, almost 50% of trump and Hillary supporters will be voting for the chosen horse in the race, NOT because they like their candidate, but because they HATE the other candidate more. So….let’s just say trump and clinton are about even in the polls. That’s about 25% of all voters from each candidate that COULD vote for someone else, which would total about 50%. Simple math would tell us that someone in the middle of the polarizingly opposite candidates, who is trustworthy, and experienced could become our next president so that we can move on from all the anger. Johnson/Weld 2016. On the ballot in all 50 states. If your first argument against someone else criticizing your chosen candidate is to attack theirs, then do America a favor and just Google Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Don’t be afraid that the candidate that you hate might win. Be excited that your candidate can win. There is another option.


  8. Bill Weld did a good job in Massachusetts who got sandbagged by Jesse Helms when he attempted to become the US Ambassador to Mexico. His protege Charlie Baker is now the most popular GOP governor in the country. Sounds like a ticket worth considering.


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