Freedom & Love Attacked at Orlando LGBT Club


The rumblings are already happening about today’s mass shooting at the night club in Orlando, FL. This incident is now the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States, and many are already blaming the guns and attacking the second amendment as a cause for this incident.

That is not how I see it.  I see this as an attack on freedom and love by somebody who was bigoted and subscribed to a notion that people who love one another that don’t meet their religious viewpoint are lesser in the eyes of some god. Even if this was a terrorist attack, which the news this morning is trying to claim it was, by some radical islamic terrorist, a community was attacked because they differed in lifestyle.

This should be a national conversation.  There are a great many in this country who look down on the LGBT community because they don’t understand the concept of personal freedom.  They don’t understand that not everyone is the same and doesn’t proscribe to the religious notions that many try to force on other people in this country.  This night club was attacked because it housed gay people.  This was not a terrorist attack, this was a hate crime. This was not one lone individual who acted out against the gay community, but a culmination of many bigoted people in this country who’s rhetoric over the years has now lead to an attack on free people who are harming no one else.

Freedom is essential to society, and the way that people live their lives is the business of nobody except those individuals.  A gay person is not affecting your life in anyway and the notion that some religious crusade is justification for attacking their lifestyle shows your hypocrisy in multiple ways.

Freedom and love were attacked today. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. I agree that this is hate based and gun contol advocates will run with this. But then there ilare people like me that believe having a background check, training and registering a high powerward assault weapon is not unrealistic. If Liberatarions are to have any chance we have to collaborate in some manner. If we accept the anti abortion lot in the party like judge Neopolitano than we should be adult enough to be be a bit receptive to other points

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  2. I think it is a hate crime but if it is shown that he radicalized himself from the heretical Muslims within Islam that promote terrorism then it would be considered a terrorist attack.

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  3. I am in favor of same sex marriage being legal. For people who are not into the gay lifestyle, here is some free advice: Mind your own business. Same sex marriage will never adversely affect you directly.

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