Breaking News: New Fox News Poll Has Gary Johnson at 12%!

A new national poll by Fox News has Governor Gary Johnson polling at 12% nationally against Trump and Clinton.

This is a jump up from the last poll conducted by Fox which had the governor at 10% nationally.  He is now inching closer to the mark that will get him in the Presidential denates in the fall and is showing that the recent media attention is paying off.

Among independents, Trump leads at 32 percent, followed by Johnson at 23 and Clinton at 22.

There is still a lot of work to do, but theae recent poll numbers are encouraging. Voters seem to be open to another option and Gary Johnson is there to fill that void.

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  1. Sadly he won’t get 15% in five national polls, when 68% of voters having no clue who he is. Of that 12 percent, 7 percent is just an “anyone else” vote


    • Mike, you seem to think in terms of the present as an immutable thing. The public mind changes very quickly. This article and the avalanche of articles about Gary Johnson that are pouring down the mountain are quickly changing the size of the mass of people that know about Gary Johnson.

      So if you analysis is what you say it is, that you just don’t see it, I invite you to lift your eyes a little higher.


      • The public mind may change but their voting habits dont..dems are lifelong dems and NEVER vote outside their party..Candidate views dont matter to them enough to vote outside of their party…CLOSEMINDED SHEEP


  2. I’m a fan and not being cynical. A recent poll was done and what I wrote were the results. Johnson himself said Mickey Mouse could get ten percent as a rebellion vote


    • He said Mickey would get 30% if he were in the polls. Johnson will be in these debates in the fall, especially if that lawsuit against the Debate Commission prevails


      • He is the one candidate who isn’t the defendant in pending litigation! Good job Donkeys and elephants!


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