Philly Phanatic More Qualified Than Donald Trump-According to New PA Poll

Los Angeles Dodgers v Philadelphia Phillies

While there are many people way more qualified than Donald Trump to be President, voters in Pennsylvania believe one of their own would do a better job than he would.  In a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, voters in Pennsylvania think the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies is more qualified to be President than Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania makes another state where Trump is the least popular of the Presidential candidates. Only 34% of voters see him favorably to 59% with a negative opinion. But what might be the worst for Trump is we asked who people think is more qualified to be President- him or the Phillie Phanatic- and the Phanatic won out 46/40.

It really hasn’t been a good week for the Donald and this is just the icing on the cake!

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