New National Poll by Investor’s Business Daily Has Gary Johnson at 11%


A new national Presidential poll conducted by Investor’s Business Daily has Governor Gary Johnson at 11% against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump narrowed slightly in the latest IBD/TIPP Poll, which finds her ahead of Trump by 45% to 40%. Last month, Clinton was head ahead 47% to 40%.

But the poll finds widespread dissatisfaction with the two presumptive nominees. In fact, little-known Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson gets a surprisingly large 11% of the vote when he’s included in the mix. The former New Mexico governor draws almost equally from Hillary and Trump — who get 39% and 35%, respectively, in a three-way race.

It is key once again to point out that Governor Johnson is pulling equally from both the Republicans and Democrats. This is consistent among the other polls that have been conducted by other polling agencies.  We are seeing major disdain for the two major parties and Johnson is capitalizing on that discomfort.


Updated Real Clear Politics Average

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