Real Clear Politics Average Has Gary Johnson Around 8% in National Polls

Now that it has been a week since Gary Johnson won the Libertarian nomination for President it is imperative to analyze the polling that has been centered around him.

Real Clear Politics, which does averages of polls, has included Governor Johnson in one of their match-ups against Trump and Clinton.  Right now it has him averaging almost 8% in national polls.  This might not seem like a lot to many people, but considering Gary Johnson only got 1% nationally in 2012 it is a big deal.  Plus it shows that people are not satisfied with their choices in Trump and Clinton.

It is important to look deeper into the numbers, and one of the biggest hurdles somebody like Gary Johnson has in these polls, is over 70% of people have never heard of him. This is indicative of the two party system, so when you get a Libertarian in the mix it confuses people.

Governor Johnson, and his running mate Bill Weld, have been making the media rounds like crazy. This should help spark peoples curiosity about their ticket and people will do more research.  Once they discover what they stand for the poll numbers should begin to rise.

We will do this same story every Sunday until election day updating our readers on the RCP Average, and hopefully each week will bring even higher numbers.

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