Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Considering the Libertarian Party Ticket in November

As Donald Trump continues his barrage of hate and filth, there are many in the Republican Party who are not comfortable supporting one of the most hated Presidential candidates in recent history.  One of those key Republicans is Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse who came out vocally in opposition to Donald Trump and his candidacy for Presdient.

The Lincoln Journal Star is reporting this evening that the Nebraska Senator is considering the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson in November:

Unyielding in his determination to oppose Donald Trump, his party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Sen. Ben Sasse said Sunday he’d consider the possibility of voting for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson in November.

This would be big news for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, which has already received major media attention over the past week.  While this is not an open endorsement of Johnson and his campaign for theWhite House it is promising as he goes around the country trying to convince people that he is the third and sane option against Trump and Clinton. 

“I cannot vote for either of those two,” Sasse said during a brief interview outside Kimball Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus following an address to about 400 high school juniors at the opening session of this year’s Boys State.

The Libertarian Party is well on its way to historic performances this election year and with leading Republicans defecting from their party it gives hope to the Liberty movement and the future of our country.

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    • Not necessarily. From my research (and I’m no political scientist) a sizable number of disaffected Democrats (especially Millenials) distrust the Hildebeast so much that they are considering the Libertarian ticket. What I’ve read also shows that there is a sizable number of people yound and older that are finally reading the Libertarian platform and realize that their beliefs line up more with the Libertarians than with either “major” party i.e. drug legalization, noninterventionist military policy, and smaller less prying government. Just my humble opinion

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