New Poll Shows Gary Johnson Polling High With Unaffiliated Voters


Today Rasmussen Reports released a new national poll today that showed some promising news for Governor Gary Johnson and his support among unaffiliated voters.

In this new national poll, in a three way match-up, Johnson polled at 8%.  This is hovering within the margin of error of other polls that have included him, where he has been polling at 10%. (This poll was only done over two days).

The promising piece to this new poll is Johnson’s support among unaffiliated voters.  He makes a 3 point jump to 11% when polling unaffiliated voters.  To many this might not mean much, but it is showing consistency among polls that show Gary Johnson at or near double digits.

It hasn’t even been a week since he was nominated by the Libertarian Party, and all ready there has been heavy media attention put onto his campaign for the Presidency. The more he is included into the national and state polls the more people will become intrigued by Gary Johnson and start the process of finding out more information about his campaign.

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