Game On! Gary Johnson and Bill Weld the Sane Option in November


Governor Gary Johnson was elected by the Libertarian Party as their Presidential nominee this morning in Orlando, Florida.  His chosen running mate, Governor Bill Weld, was elected by the Libertarian Party as their Vice-Presidential nominee this afternoon.

Game on! The power ticket of two former Governors is now ready to take on the political polarizing candidates of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  The Libertarian Party has crafted a ticket that will appeal to a broad base of voters who can’t vote for either of the two major candidates.

This ticket stands on a simple platform of fiscal conservatism and social tolerance. They were both successful two-term governors in states dominated by Democrats.  They both cut taxes and took the government out of your personal lives.

This country is ready for a change. It is ready to break apart the status quo of constantly voting for the lesser of two evils.  The American people now have another option that won’t make them throw up as they cast their votes.  They now have a chance to change the political landscape and break apart the two party system.

The nomination of both Governor Johnson and Governor Weld will give credibility to the Libertarian Party that has been building itself up for years as the party of principle.  Many think the Libertarians are just a bunch of nut jobs and drug users that complain all the time, but with Johnson and Weld they have the political experience and muscle to bring the party onto the national stage and lend it credibility. Major party status is within reach and the Libertarian Party is on the cusp of being a household name and norm.

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  1. In California, we have not yet voted in the presidential primary. How is it possible for a political party to select a candidate now?


    • Unfortunately because the libertarian party is not a national party not all states have primaries and the ones that do don’t really matter. Anyone can become a delegate for their state and cast a vote at the convention which took place this weekend


  2. Very pleased to see #TeamGov get the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations! Let’s hope that backdoor funding with the Kochs, that the chairman mentioned, pays off! Weld should be able to pull in some donors as well. Let’s get to work and help #JohnsonWeld2016! #MakeAmericaSaneAgain


  3. The principle that no parliament may be bound by its predecessor does apply to Australia, thats why Gillard and Brown put the roadblock in the way.Oddly, Fairfax used to be a crusading media group who's expose of the Khemlani loans affair brought about the end of the Whitlam government. They now seem to be only a sad suppurating shell of a once great orsaiigation.Curnously the ABC's reporting on the media inquiry, you know, the one about 'accuracy in reporting' and all that shit, have stuffed it up themselves. Mike Connor of Quadrant is left wondering how Robert Mann Bwahahahahaha.


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