Gary Johnson Can Win the Presidency…Thanks to the House of Representatives

We got the clever idea for this post from our friends at A Libertarian Future who suggested that if Gary Johnson could win his home state of New Mexico he could be elected President.  We wanted to take this a little further and really break down what could possibly happen in November.  We think that the Governor could do more than just New Mexico.  Check out our map below.

2016 Electoral College-Prediction

This scenario is extremely plausible.  The 2016 election is turning out to be unique and unpredictable.  The two presumptive nominee’s of the Democrats and Republicans are extremely polarizing and people across this country have already started to look for an alternative.  Fortunately the Libertarian Party is the only ones on the ballot in all 50 states.  There is a real possibility that the map could turn out this way, and if that happened the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives.  We all remember from school that a candidate needs a majority of the Electoral College to win the Presidency and that would mean 270 votes.  In our scenario neither Clinton nor Trump gets close to that number.

Gary Johnson is a Libertarian.  The Libertarian message is extremely popular in the states that are yellow.  The west has always had a Libertarian flare to its thinking.  They are ranchers that protect their property, they hate government intrusion onto their property, and tend to be fed up with Washington and the East Coast.  New Hampshire is thrown into this mix as well as an stand alone that has a hard bend for freedom and liberty. Plus with Colorado and Washington state legalizing Marijuana, the Governor has been a big proponent of Marijuana legalization and that will go over well with voters in these two states that feel they can make better decisions for their lives and not the government.

If the Governor can get his name out more than he already is at this point, make it into the Presidential debates, there is a chance that the map could shape out this way.

If that happens there is a strong possibility that he could be elected by the House of Representatives.  Republican leadership is already down on the fact that Donald Trump has taken over their party and some have flirted with the idea of another alternative.  If the election is tossed to the House there is room for compromise.  With the Governor being a former Republican leader of a state he has the ability to please the Republicans in Congress that are not comfortable with Trump.  The House is currently controlled by the Republicans, and looks to stay that way come November and this could be their chance to stick it to Trump and get their way by not having Hillary elected President either.

We are sure there are many that will disagree with this assessment, but as we said before this election has been unpredictable and maybe we will be right. We will find out in November.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your scenario, but can’t buy at least a couple things: First, I doubt Johnson will win any states. Second, if he did and this ended up in the House of Reps, the House would vote along partisan lines, even if that meant Republicans voting for Trump. None of them will vote for a libertarian.


    • It’ll mean a lot of wrangling, but the GOP really doesn’t like Trump. My friend works for the RNC in California, and currently he’s getting paid to twiddle his thumbs because the party machinery isn’t doing anything for the guy.


    • This really depends on Gary Johnson getting into the debates AND differentiating himself during the debates. He could say, “Tired of bipartisan bickering? Looking for a President who has executive government experience as a state governor?… But is still not part of the Washington beltway crowd that has been buying politicians with huuuge contributions… or being bought? Want an American success story that didn’t start with” daddy’s money or crooked government dealings? Start fresh, for a far better America by voting for someone trustworthy and stable and honest like you and nearly all Americans (present company excepted). Vote for someone NOT trying to grab power but to serve the people. I will not be beholden to the power elite in EITHER the Democratic or Republican parties. I will be the PEOPLE’S President! Start fresh. Vote for Gary Johnson, the PEOPLE’S President!”


  2. I have trouble believing that the Libertarian Party is on the ballot in all 50 states. I’ve worked on ballot access for more than 30 years and we have never been able to pull this off. I believe Ed Clark was the last one to do it, using Koch money. The Party is usually on the ballot in about 40 states, then the candidate is on the ballot as an independent or some other party moniker in 6 to 8 more. The last I checked, the Libertarian Party was on the ballot in just over 30 states.


  3. I’m still not convinced that Bernie is going to fall in line with Hillary. Green Party is in a lot of states – independent run would be awesome coupled with Dr. Jill Stein as long as we are imagining. The one positive thing this campaign season has bought about is the absolute corruption in the two party system. We pride ourselves on being American with the right to decide our futures, yet in the last 30 years our futures are decided by a minority of Americans. It’s time to wake up – get involved! I know it’s hard working two, three jobs to lift your head up and see what’s going on much less care, been there done that. Insist that your voice be heard – VOTE.


  4. I would vote for Johnson. Yes he has to really stick his head out the next couple of months.I’m in California where it’s dominate Democrat where Johnson has more of a shot then Trump.

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