Colorado Republicans: Fight for Trump or Switch Parties?

Capture1Donald Trump is no fan of the state of Colorado; especially the state Republican Party. Following his defeat at the state convention last month, where Ted Cruz came away with all of the delegates Colorado has for the nominating convention, Trump became quite angry.

Currently a good many of Republicans in Colorado are angry as well. They can’t see themselves voting for Donald Trump in November now that he is the presumptive nominee of the their party. With so many disaffected Republicans across this country the question keeps coming up; do I support Donald Trump or do I abandon the party?

Colorado is quite the unique state. I can write to this because I have called it my home my entire life. As a western state we hold a lot of values close to our hearts.  We like our land, our property, our guns, and our money. To a degree Colorado is one of the most Libertarian states in the country. Coloradans are typically fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

Colorado Public Radio ran a story this morning analyzing the big question a lot of Coloradans have right now; do they support Trump or switch parties?

Krista Kafer, co-host of a call-in show on conservative talk radio station KNUS in Aurora, the answer to that question came as soon as the news broke that Trump had handily won Indiana, all-but locking up the nomination. And she didn’t waste any time making it final.

“I actually was on-air when I changed my registration,” the long-time Republican said. In the space of a commercial break she left the party to become a newly-minted Libertarian.

I am one of these former Republicans.  I have always been a Libertarian, but I stayed registered as a Republican in Colorado a long time so I could vote for Ron Paul and Rand Paul.  I resigned my membership in that party, made the switch to the Libertarians, and have never looked back.

I think this question will be a big question for many in the United States. Smart people can’t stand the thought of Trump being the President, and many have fled the old Republican Party and made the switch to the Libertarians.

The Examiner ran this piece the day after Trump won Indiana:

It seems the Libertarian Party may be the biggest winner in the GOP primary. On Wednesday, the Washington Examiner reported that registration in the Libertarian Party (LP) doubled in less than 24 hours after Donald Trump won a Pyrrhic victory in Indiana, becoming the presumptive GOP nominee.

Many conservative supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, feel they cannot support Trump and believe the Republican Party no longer represents their views. Worse yet, Trump has angered many with below-the-belt attacks on Cruz’s wife and father. He has also adopted liberal positions on issues like raising taxes, North Carolina’s “bathroom law” and the minimum wage. As a result, conservatives are turning to the one party that still believes in the concept of a small, limited government that operates within the confines of the Constitution.

There might be a Revolution taking place in 2016 and the beginnings are happening now. This is the main reason I created this website and am now pushing for the advancement of the Libertarian Party.  I have always pushed for Liberty (I ran a website in college called Conservative for Change), and this election has fueled me once again.

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