Libertarian Party Has An Opening! New Reuters Poll Shows 27.9% Uncommitted Voters

The presumptive nominees of the Democratic and Republican Party are two of the most polarizing figures in modern political history.  They both have high unfavorable ratings among voters, and when pitted up against each other in national polls numbers tend to speak from themselves.

In a new Reuters Poll released yesterday the numbers are startling.


The number of other/wouldn’t vote/refused is drastically high for a Presidential election cycle. There is obviously dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Are people really going to stay home on election day in November and not vote?  It is too early to see if that will be true.

The Libertarian Party is in the position to capitalize on this number; 27.9%.  Polling already conducted shows that hypothetically, the presumptive nominee of the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson, polls in double digits against Clinton and Trump. With so many angry at the two choices they currently have, there is an open door for the Libertarians to seize upon. If they can pull from both Clinton and Trump they have a viable chance at winning the election. When you look at those numbers, lets say hypothetically, they can get the entire yellow column that would be history making.

It is safe to say that 2016 is unpredictable. No one has a clue how anything will shape out until we get closer and closer to the election in November.  What is safe to say is that the third party movement has the opportunity to do something extraordinary and seize this moment in history. For to long the two party system has dominated American politics.  We have a higher economic burden because of it. We have been perpetuated into wars because of it.  The moment is here, and it is clear in this new poll that the moment is here. The only question is,  when will the status quo change?


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