Libertarians Pushing too Hard for Poll Inclusion

Polling is used as an instrument to gauge the reaction and thinking of the American public. Having Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton leading their respective parties there has been a movement to include a third party candidate into the polling to really understand the thinking of the American people.

Being a Libertarian myself I would love for the polling agencies to include the Libertarian Party and their front-runner Gary Johnson in those polls. However, some Libertarians are becoming quite aggressive with the polling agencies and forcing down their throats that they should include the Libertarian in their polls.

The picture below is from the Public Policy Polling agency and a snap shot of two tweets they sent out yesterday:


This is a call to the Libertarian movement!

Let us be cautious in how we try to get polling companies to include our party and nominee in their polls.  This could jeopardize our chances at seizing the opportunity we have this election. If this keeps up we lose the chance of having Gary Johnson’s name in national polls, and as we all know right now a candidate needs on average 15% in national polls to be included in the Presidential debates.

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  1. Isn’t it a customers place to tell a business how to do their business? The business decided whether to listen. The customer then decides whether to support them. That is the free market.


    • Are we really customers of a polling agency? We don’t pay for their product. They do have every right to conduct their affairs as they see fit.


  2. They are in the business of helping people know about the candidates. Exclusion is what the two parties do. If this “business” does the same I would have to think they are some how “owned” by the two parties.


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