Exclusive: Gary Johnson Campaign Commits Huge Resources for Libertarian Ballot Access Drive

6358806988970214601151665328_garyjohnsonGrowing the Libertarian Party is a key aspect of the liberty movement and a fundamental requirement for any candidate that runs for President on their ticket.

There have been debates over the last few months on what Libertarian candidate for President can grow the party and attract more voters to the movement. A back and forth has commenced over social media debating this hot topic, but the debate might be settled.

We just obtained information from Governor Gary Johnson’s campaign that he is committing financial resources and volunteers to ensure ballot access for the 2016 election and possibly beyond.

May 4, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Gary Johnson 2016, the presidential campaign of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson,  today announced its commitment of $150,000 toward Libertarian Party ballot access drives nationwide.

Johnson’s financial commitment will bolster the Libertarian National Committee’s budget in its effort to secure ballot status for the LP presidential and vice-presidential nominees in all 50 state, plus the District of Columbia.

The Johnson campaign has also recruited more than 400 campaign supporters to volunteer for 2016’s ballot access drive nationwide.

Bill Redpath, former LNC chair and LP ballot access expert, lauded the Johnson campaign’s commitment:

“I’m heartened by the Gary Johnson campaign’s commitment to help the LP ticket obtain ballot status in 50 states, plus DC.

This announcement is further evidence of Governor Johnson’s record of work, often behind-the-scenes, to help ensure that Libertarian candidates are not unfairly denied ballot access.

His campaign’s commitment of funds and volunteers demonstrates that Gary Johnson understands that every American voter deserves the chance to vote for the LP ticket.

And in this election year with an opportunity for historic LP vote totals, nationwide ballot status may be more important than ever.”

This is a big deal in the race for the Libertarian nomination and the future of the Libertarian Party. No other candidate in the race for the nomination has the resources to commit to something on such a large scale and the other candidates in the race for the nomination risk the party losing ballot status in states because they face the prospect of very low vote totals.

The Gary Johnson campaign is clearly the presumptive Libertarian ticket, and has the real possibility to grow the party like no other time before.  With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the verge of their parties nomination the time is now for the Libertarian’s to seize the moment and usher in a new era for the party and the liberty movement.

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  1. Did the Johnson campaign get a sudden infusion of cash? As of their last FEC report, they didn’t have $150k on hand to “commit” to anything.

    Reads more like a desperate play to save a failing candidacy than evidence that “[t]he Gary Johnson campaign is clearly the presumptive Libertarian ticket.”


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