Gary Johnson Blows Up Google Searches Last Night as Ted Cruz Dropped Out of GOP Race

Last night saw the exit of Senator Ted Cruz from the Republican primary process.  Donald Trump is now considered to be the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and already it seems that people across this country are hunting for more.

Last night Governor Gary Johnson saw a big spike in Google searches at the moment Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. (See image)

Google Trend SearchJust for fun we threw the other leading Libertarian candidate, Austin Petersen, in the mix, and as you can tell he was blown out by the Governor.

American’s are yearning for another choice in 2016, and the Libertarian Party offers that choice.  The will be the only third party on all 50 states ballots.  The Governor has the ability to appeal to a mass array of voters on both sides of the aisle, and as the news cycle keeps including the disdain that people have for Trump or Clinton, polling will start to include Gary Johnson, and we will see a rise in those numbers.

Read our endorsement of Gary Johnson here.

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