Gary Johnson Gets Mentioned on The View

Gary-Johnsonx-large-1In one of the most unlikely places to hear Governor Gary Johnson’s name, the popular day time talk show “The View” was not one we expected.

Co-Host Raven Symone made a de facto endorsement of the Governor in a discussion on the current Presidential election.

The great part to this video is that Raven Symone discusses the fact that there are other political parties besides the Republicans and Democrats.  She also encourages their viewers to take the quiz at ISideWith.com which will give voters a perspective on what party they align with and what candidate.

The ignorance comes from the other hosts on “The View” when they suggest that voters should only vote for somebody who will actually win.  That is an ignorant thought to have and outright ridiculous to suggest on national television.

Whether Raven Symone would support Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party this election is not the point, but rather she did a service to this country by highlighting other options for the American people.

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