Wondering What Your Paycheck Will Look Like Under President Sanders? This Chart Will Scare You!

Bernie Sanders, the self described socialist, is gaining ground among many American voters in the United States.  He has proposed one of the most bold domestic agendas in history.  He has already admitted that everyone in this country will see a tax increase in order to pay for his agenda, but most people have not seen this in perspective to their actual paycheck each month.

Well, that is all settled now thanks to the Daily Caller Foundation, and this new chart they produced showing what people’s paychecks will actually look like under a President Sanders.



On this annual tax day it is worthy to share with the American people information that will have a profound impact on their daily lives.

According to the Daily Caller:

“The analysis presented below however estimates that the average annual cost of the plan would be approximately $2.5 trillion per year creating an average of over a $1 trillion per year financing shortfall,” the study reads. “To fund the program, payroll and income taxes would have to increase from a combined 8.4 percent in the Sanders plan to 20 percent while also retaining all remaining tax increases on capital gains, increased marginal tax rates, the estate tax and eliminating tax expenditures.”

We feel it is important to share this information across the board with people and with the understanding that #TaxationIsTheft

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