Is Gary Johnson Campaign Engaged in Dirty Tactics or Just Rivals Inching for Ground Against a Front-Runner?

gjohnsonEvery presidential election brings different accusations and tactics used by campaigns in order to get a leg up.  The Libertarian Party seems no different at this point with the newest accusations being levied against the current front-runner for the nomination, Gary Johnson.

There have been rumors floating about on social media that alleges the Johnson campaign has bought up hotel rooms around the convention center in May so other campaigns, and their delegates, can not book a room close by.  There are even rumors out there that the Johnson campaign has been bribing delegates to either support him, quit working for the other campaigns, or not show up to the convention.

Some of these accusations were announced on the Liberty Hangout  yesterday.  According to them, Judd Weiss, the Libertarian entrepreneur, who is currently John McAfee’s Vice Presidential running mate confirmed these rumors on Facebook:

I might as well explain it, as McAfee has already made the spat public. And people are confused and wondering what’s going on. Gary Johnson’s campaign team offered money to people on our team to come over to their team. When that wasn’t accepted, Johnson’s campaign team suggested there’s money for people on our team just to simply quit on us and relax at home. Yeah. Seriously. Also, not only has Gary Johnson’s campaign team purchased a ton of flights and hotel rooms for delegates willing to commit to Gary Johnson at the National LP Convention in Orlando, they’ve also purchased all the rest of the available rooms at the convention hotel, that might remain empty, but only on the dates before the presidential vote is held. After the presidential vote, there are plenty of hotel rooms available.

These are some bold accusations and they show no real confirmation that this is actually happening.

Therefore we reached out to the Gary Johnson campaign for comment and they responded in kind.

According to Joe Hunter these accusations are completely baseless.  He comments that not one penny has been spent by the Johnson Campaign for delegate support and calls it an “absolute fabrication.”

When it comes to the claim that the campaign has been buying up hotel rooms close to the convention hall, Hunter calls this a “fantasy first promulgated by one candidate on social media and now parroted by another.”  “It is a lie, as has been confirmed by the Libertarian Party and numerous others. The FACT is that our campaign has two — yes, TWO — rooms reserved at the hotel” according to Joe Hunter

It would seem that these accusations are being promoted by other Libertarian candidates in hopes of turning the minds of delegates to abandon Gary Johnson and support them instead.  Each one of these accusations have not been back up by any evidence, but instead the words of people being passed around on social media.

Joe Hunter makes a great point in his comment to The Libertarian Vindicator:

“Far more important is the fact that 2016 is presenting an historic opportunity for Libertarians, and these childish games and absolutely irresponsible attacks are doing nothing but distracting from the important task at hand: Nominating and supporting a credible, truthful and serious candidate for President of the United States.”-Joe Hunter

We couldn’t agree more with Hunter and the Johnson campaign on this stance.  This is a historic opportunity for the party to seize on the state of this election, and these type of open allegations just distract for the important task we all face; promoting liberty, free markets, and a smaller government and ultimately winning the White House. We also agree with his final comment to us “Sadly, it appears that there are some who have no interest in actually seizing the opportunity that is right in front of us.”

Updates to come as more progresses on this story.


We reached out to the John McAfee campaign for a comment to the story and his response was as follows: “Sorry…at this time I have no comment.”

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