John McAfee: FBI Knew All Along they Could Unlock the iPhone

140108100113-john-mcafee-1024x576The battle of the FBI vs. Apple the past month has heated up the conversation of balancing privacy with the security of this country.  The FBI took Apple to court in hopes that they would get Apple to create some type of program that would make it easy to access a criminal’s phone in hopes of retrieving information for the investigation.   After a battle the FBI dropped the lawsuit and claimed they figured out a way to get into the phone.

John McAfee, cyber security legend and current Libertarian candidate for President, claims that the FBI knew all along that they had the ability to unlock the iPhone.  He gave an interview with Forbes in which he claimed this news.

Why would the FBI bother to get caught up in a battle with Apple if they already had a solution to unlock the iPhone? McAfee says the FBI was less interested in Apple than it was in precedent. If it won against Apple, then it could go to Google and get a master key into Android — which has 91% of the world market. A software master key — which costs nothing, can be given to every agent in the DOJ for free. The Cellebrite devices costs thousands of dollars per unit — way above the DOJ budget for everyday use.

McAfee told several media outlets over the past two weeks that he knows who is helping the FBI to hack into the San Bernadino iPhone — but he would not reveal it was Cellebrite until today. When asked how he knew about Cellebrite’s agreement with the FBI, McAfee declined to give his sources.

This is one of the most important civil liberty battles of this century.  The world we live in has become a dangerous place, but more so now people want to give up their liberties in the hopes that some how the government will be able to protect us.

We have fundamental rights under the constitution that are there for a specific reason.  The moment those rights are given up for a false sense of security then the government becomes tyrannical.

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