Libertarian Party: Former Presidential Candidates Have Approached Them About Running

With the election season being dragged through the mud by Donald Trump, and the other Presidential Candidates, it would be no surprise that the idea of a third party candidate is not out of the question.


According to the Chairman of the Libertarian Party Nicholas Sarwark, there have been a few former Presidential candidates that have approached the party about what it would take to seek the Libertarian nomination for President.  Currently the Libertarian Party has a group of candidates seeking their nomination, including former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was a former Republican.

“We have been approached by candidates who have dropped out of the old party races about running on the Libertarian Party ticket,” Mr. Sarwark told The Washington Times. “At this point, none of them have jumped in … but we have explored the options and talked to them about the logistics of it, what they would have to do, how they would be able to become part of the process.”

Mr. Sarwark declined to confirm which specific candidates have done so. But Republicans and conservative activists bent on taking down GOP front-runner Donald Trump have been batting around various ideas on how to stop him or slow him down.

This is a very striking development in the world of American politics, in part because it shows the disgust the people, and former candidates have at the possibility of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination for President.

The Libertarian Vindicator will be updating this story throughout the process as we try to investigate who the possible former candidates were that approached the party.

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