Fox Business Network to Host Libertarian Party Debate

12778861_1049780528414260_6518019527758852655_oOne of the biggest hurdles that any third political party in the United States is gaining access to media attention and having their candidates appear on T.V. to gain free media.  The other big hurdle that they face is broadcasting their message to the American people.

The Libertarian Party has the opportunity of a lifetime this coming Friday April 1.   Fox Business Network and John Stossel are hosting the first ever Libertarian Party Candidate Debate for a national T.V. audience.

Stepping up to the plate instead is Fox Business Network as the broadcaster, veteran host John Stossel will serve as moderator for what is being billed as a “forum” rather than a debate by the network. The event will be taped March 29, to air three days later. The candidates: former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, software entrepreneur John McAfee, and Libertarian Republic founder Austin Petersen.

This is a unique opportunity for a political party that struggles to gain the attention of the mainstream of voters in the United States.  It is apparent that the current climate in this election cycle is increasing the dialogue around a potential third party threat, and Fox News is ceasing on this discomfort of voters by bringing this debate to national television.

We encourage everyone to watch this debate with an open mind and listen too these three candidates and what they might bring to this election.  If your mind is open you might believe in something new and begin the process of breaking apart the status quo in American politics, the two party system.

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