Republicans Will Find Solace in the Libertarian Party

In an NBC News article that was ran today the topic of save haven for the disconnected Republicans in the wake of Donald Trump was discussed.  

“As the Republican Party grapples with a potential Donald Trump nomination, third parties – especially those with established infrastructures and widespread ballot access – could become an avenue for alternatives.The split in the Republican Party over Trump’s candidacy has opened up a wide range of possibilities if a deep divide among Republicans continues to grow. A third party candidacy by a well-known establishment figure is one of those possibilities, and the Libertarian Party, which shares some philosophical ground with the GOP, would seem to be a natural fit.”

NBC points out one of the most important facts that has come up in the discussion of a third party challenge to the Republicans and Donald Trump, and that is ballot access.  Currently, it is extremely difficult for any party beyond the two major to gain access to the ballots across the states.  After years of Republican and Democratic control the states have made it extremely difficult to gain that access.  However, the Libertarian Party is the only third party that will be on all 50 states ballots in 2016.

The Libertarian Party has one of its best opportunities to break the power grab of the two party system and bring a new voice and vision to the American people.

The media exposure thus far has been overwhelming to all Libertarian’s and it is starting to show.  The recent poll showed Gary Johnson polling at 11%, and that is with people not knowing who he is and what he stands for.  Given the chance the Libertarians can take their message across this country and begin the process of breaking the status quo in America.  The idea that there is another option out there and it is not a wasted vote.

“Running as a third-party candidate, even one as organized as the Libertarian Party, Johnson faces huge obstacles. Third party candidates are rarely included in national polling, making it nearly impossible to meet the Commission on Presidential Debate’s threshold of 15 percent in national polls to be included in the general election debates. 

To alter course, he’s suing the commission, the entity in charge of presidential debates. His suit argues that any party nominee that can mathematically be elected president to be included in the debate. In other words: Is the candidate on enough state ballots to theoretically be able to obtain 270 electoral votes? 

Johnson said he’s in the race to win, but noted that a big feat would be to get 15 percent of the vote in November. He argues that at least that many voters are fiscally conservative, socially liberal and militaristically minimalist.”

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