A Time for Choosing in the 21st Century

In 1964 Ronald Reagan gave one of the most memorable political speeches in American political history.  During a challenging time for this country Reagan stepped up to the podium and gave a grim outlook for the future.

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness. 

Even though that line was in reference to the bomb, it is still applicable today.

We are faced with a new challenge as a country. That challenge is not necessarily the threat of annihilation, but rather a decision that must be made for the direction we take as a country.  We are faced with the prospect of hatred and bigotry resurfacing in the United States.  We are also faced with a two party system that has failed this country and increased the burden of future generations.  We now have a decision to make and chose a direction for the rest of the 21st Century.

It is not a secret that I am not a fan of Donald Trump.  I believe that he has breed a new generation of racists in this country with his fiery rhetoric.  He is taking us down a road that values hate more than it values solutions to the actual problems that we face as a country.  He cares about one person, and that person is Donald Trump.  He could care less about the average American that works everyday to provide for their families.  He is the same typical wannabe conservative, or liberal, that will grow the size of the federal government to astronomical proportions.  We are already faced with a near $20 Trillion debt, and under a Trump presidency that will break through the ceiling.

This country is also faced with another extreme challenge.  We have been stuck in the mold of the two party system since Abraham Lincoln and it has done considerable damage to the foundation of this country.  However, every single election cycle the same rhetoric from the average Republican, or Democrat, keeps popping up.  “If you don’t vote for either the Republican or Democrat you are wasting your vote.”  That is not a logical statement and it is unpatriotic to say it.

We have wasted our votes for years by buying into the idea that the two party system is going to help us out.  We waste our votes every time by voting for somebody who keeps promising to do certain things once elected, and the moment they swear the oath they take it in the opposite direction.  We waste our votes every time by voting for the lesser of two evils because the party machine says that at least our candidate is not as crazy as the other party.

It is now a time for choosing.  We must chose whether or not to keep going down the same path every single election cycle, or do we break open the status quo and change the political make-up in this country.

There is a third choice out there, and one that is viable.  The Libertarian Party and the movement of Liberty has been gaining steam for years and the time has come for people to open their eyes and see past the filters that the Democrats and Republicans have been putting up for years.  April 1, 2016 will be a pivotal moment in this election cycle.  That is when the American public will be able to see on national television for the first time the Libertarian Party Presidential candidates debate and spread the message of freedom in all regards.

What do you choose?

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