Donald Trump and the Rise of the 3rd Party

American politics has been dominated by the two major parties, Republican and Democratic, since 1860.  The parties have dominated government and have written the laws across states to secure their power by denying access to a plethora of political parties.  Obviously this website has a particular lean towards one of those third parties and rightfully so.  

This election cycle in 2016 is so unique that discussions are starting on the possibility for a dramatic shift and change in the American electorate.

Donald Trump has been such a divisive figure in this election that a huge chunk of Republicans are considering a jump.  I myself, have already made that jump to the Libertarian Party and have committed with this website to convince other liberty leaning Republicans to join me.

USA Today has an article today that evaluates this potential game changer:

For this reason, millions of patriotic Americans who would ordinarily vote GOP — including most conservatives and all constitutionalists — will never vote for him. Yet were he somehow to win without them — say by moving to the left of Hillary Clinton to capture the Sanders vote — a Trump presidency would doom America as an exceptional nation. 

Far more likely, however, once the Republican nomination is in his grasp, the media who have been irresponsibly reaping the ratings whirlwind will lay waste to Donald Trump in conjunction with the Democrats. His presidential campaign will be reduced to a few million die-hard Trumpies and little more. Down-ticket Republican candidates will flee him like poison (as Mitch McConnell has already suggested). But to where? 

The answer to the USA Today is simple…the Libertarian Party!  In terms of similar viewpoints that Republicans typically believe in, beyond social issues, the Libertarian’s are the life raft for disgruntled Republicans.  The party of Lincoln has strayed far from the principles it once preached and are now on the verge of electing a socio-path, bigoted, racist as their nominee.  It is time for a revolution and a change in our two party system, and it begins today.

It is not a waste to vote Libertarian, or support a third party, but rather it is a waste to support or vote for somebody or group that you don’t believe in.  Republicans are starting to notice this!  Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska recently expressed this type of sentiment with his open letter to Trump supporters.  There has to be a change and it starts with elected officials condemning Trump and  eventually abandoning the party if Trump gets the nomination.

We welcome former Republicans to join this cause and begin a Revolution in this country that breaks the power hold of the two party system and ushers in an era of freedom, liberty, and equality!

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