My Resignation from the Republican Party

Lets take a trip back to 2003.  I was 18 years old and a newly registered voter in the great state of Colorado.  I decided to register as a Republican after careful consideration of my opinions and beliefs.  I was off to college ready to earn my B.A. in Political Science.  Quickly I joined the College Republicans and eventually became the chairman of that organization at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  I supported George W. Bush in 2004 and advocated for candidates across Colorado who were committed conservatives.  During my tenure as chairman of the College Republicans I began the process of fine tuning my political beliefs and eventually became a lover of liberty and freedom.

In 2008 I read Ron Paul’s “Revolution” and instantly became a fan and a supporter of his candidacy for the Presidency.  I had molded as a Republican and adopted a very libertarian tilt to my thinking.  I have held true to the Republican Party since that moment and supported Ron Paul again in 2012.  Once he dropped out and Mitt Romney became the nominee I could not support the neo-conservative approach to the party any more and voted for Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate for President in 2012.
Now we are engaged in another Presidential election in 2016 and already the liberty candidate, Rand Paul, has been pushed aside and we are left with lack luster candidates for the party.  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are fine alternatives, but the presence of Donald Trump in this race has drastically changed the landscape of the Republican Party and it is something that I can no longer be associated with.

The hate filled message coming from his campaign for the Presidency does nothing to advance us forward and brings us backwards to moments of peril that we have already experienced as a country. The party of Lincoln which freed the slaves has come far and adopted a message that is border line segregationist.  Building walls, deportation of people because of their skin color, and banning a group of people from immigrating to the Untied States because of their religious affiliation.  How is this a message any educated person can get behind? Its not.

We have now had multiple primaries where the Republican electorate has fallen victim to the brainwashing that Donald Trump is spewing.  I have continuously had faith that the electorate would see past the vicious hate filled message of Trump, but they have failed to do so.  They fail to see that he does not stand for the principles of the Republican Party.  They forget that he was once a democrat, an independent, a reform party member, and now supposedly a Republican.  He does not preach the principles of limited government, or freedom.  He believes that the government should have the power to wiretap and spy on American citizens, and I would take a bet and say he would be okay with having a 21st Century Alien and Sedition Act passed and signed into law.

The Republican Party is no longer my home, and it is sad to see this day come.  I have held off on this until now, but I can not see a party, or country led by the likes of Donald Trump.  I actually have hope and faith in people from all walks of life, where Trump sees that as a threat to his power and fame.  America is the shining city on a hill, and with Trump leading the barrage of filth and hate, we are becoming a waste land.

The question will be asked, “if you are leaving the Republican Party are you now a Democrat?”  The answer is hell no!  I am going home, and home is the Libertarian Party.

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  1. Well seeing how Lincoln had corresponded with the crown about deporting all the newly freed slaves to somewhere in the British Empire once the war was over and things settled down, it seems like Trump’s positions do belong in the republican party.


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